cctv systems  

We can provide you with many different types of CCTV, from traditional analogue systems (low resolution), through to analogue HD variants (AHD, TV-SDI, TV-CVI etc)(sending a digitised signal up the analogue co-ax CCTV cable) to full high definition HD IP CCTV solutions.  

All of our systems can be connected to the internet for remote monitoring via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.   We can even use devices to send the CCTV images down your digital aerial and send the signal through your TV network to any connect TV's on a dedicated channel.  

Due to how technology is advancing, and prices decreasing, we tend to mainly quote for HD IP CCTV systems, but if you have an analogue system, don't despair, as we do provide works for these systems too. 

We can even provide you with mini wifi cameras that simply connect to your router wirelessly and allow you to connect via your smartphone and see, hear, and talk back through the camera from anywhere with data / wifi for your phone.  These are great as baby/child monitors, basic security surveillance and even to let you see how your dog/cat/parrot or any other pet is while your away.  These have even been used by farmers to monitor if their cows are calving.  

All of our new systems come with a 3 year advanced replacement manufacturers warranty giving you confidence and peace of mind in the products and systems supplied to you.  
Below is a selection of a few of our installations.