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We can design and supply RSI Videofied systems that are perfect for farm/agricultural security, for farming sites, storage yards, stables, 
We are an approved installer for VDT Direct, being highly trained and experienced in the supply and installation of the VDT range of CCTV equipment, including RSI Videfied, and the Webeye CMS alert system. 

The RSI Videfied system is a completely wireless, Video verified alarm system.  

The system comprises of a main wireless control panel fitted with SIM card, wireless keypad, prox reader or keyfob for arming or disarming, and a vast array of wireless detectors including Motionviewers - a combined PIR detector and camera unit.  All of these units are completely wireless and powered by long life Lithium batteries.

When triggered the motionviewer activates and takes a ten second video clip.  This is then sent to the control panel and then out to the Webeye CMS monitoring servers via the on-board sim card. 

The RSI range includes standard PIRs, door contacts, smoke detectors, speakers, flood detectors and many other devices, all wireless and capable of remote monitoring through a monitoring station or Webeye CMS 

applications and uses

From our many years of working with these types of systems, we have supplied and installed them for some of the following applications:

  • Stables / Livery
  • Farm Yards / Barns
  • Stud Farms
  • Animal / stock protection
  • Protection of farming machinery (inside tractors and combine harvesters etc...)

  • Factories
  • Construction Sites
  • HGVs and Curtain Side Trailers 
  • Harbours
  • Void Properties

  • Residential
  • Caravans
  • Holiday Homes

Churches and Heritage Buildings
  • Churches (For lead theft of the roof and intruder protection)
  • Cathedrals
  • Museums
  • Stately homes

Outdoor and Exposed areas
  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Turbines
  • Oil rigs
  • Pipeline and Cable Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Weather stations
  • Mobile monitoring of vehicles and trailers
  • Monitoring of Porta-cabins 
  • Surveillance of Fairground Rides
  • Protection of Mobile and Touring Attractions
  • Monitoring for flood defenses and flood plains
  • Monitoring of River water levels
  • Radio and Telephone Mast Protection
  • Railways
  • Remote Site Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Surveillance of Temporary and Mobile Sites
  • Power Sub-Station Surveillance
  • Wildlife Monitoring / Tracking
  • Geological and Forestry Sites / Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

 Webeye CMS

Webeye CMS is the fully automated cloud based alarm handling platform.  This allows us to fully configure a RSI or Site Secure system to deliver videos of intrusions either directly to you, via your smartphone or web browser, or to another location, such as a remote monitoring station.


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