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One of our solar powered GPRS and GSM CCTV  cameras fitted with an LED illuminator 

An image from one of our GPRS and GSM CCTV Cameras clearly showing someone tresspassing on the roofed area 

programming options

The camera can be programmed to activate and transmit images upon  any of the following circumstances:
  • triggering of its onboard input (this could be using a PIR detector, a flood/water sensor, a vibration detector, a data logger or many other different trigger devices)
  • Upon receipt of a voice call to the cameras sim card (this is a non chargeable call and the camera disconnects from the call before it is answered)(this facility can be from any number or from up to three authorised phone numbers
  • upon command via text message or email
  • Within timings programmed within the camera (e.g. within the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, every 15 minutes.  This feature can be used to log "time lapse" style photographs, for example of a building being constructed, or the water levels rising or receding upon a flood plain.)  

gprs and gsm cctv

Using the innovative Meteor MCE-Nexus GPRS remote camera, images can be acquired from any location which has mobile network coverage. Using any data enabled SIM card the camera uses GPRS by default but can also connect using GSM if necessary 

true rapid deployment cctv

When triggered, the camera can send still images from the secured area to almost any destination.  This can be sent via MMS to your mobile phone, to your email account, or FTP'ed directly to a server or A web hosted service is available to view the images using any web enabled device.

ultra low power consumption 

One of the cameras key features is the power consumption. On average the unit consumes 0.17W, so it can be deployed to remote locations with no mains power. Using standard 12V DC batteries the camera can be powered autonomously all year round using a small battery and solar panel.

the meteor mce-nexus gprs camera 

We work in partnership with the manufacturers of the Camera, Meteor Communications, assisting in the development of hardware, software and deployment ideas and designs for the camera

The current camera is the result of extensive development over the course of the past few years. With a deployment history of over 200 units worldwide the camera has evolved to suit the needs of numerous applications. GPRS-CCTV have been a key component in the development of the camera, deploying many units across the UK, creating bespoke solutions to customer applications. As a result of this we have been appointed an Authorised Reseller of the camera.   

meteor communications 

Meteor Communications have been supplying telemetry equipment to the Marine, Environmental and Utilities markets for over 25 years. 

At the cutting edge of telemetry system provision Meteor have invested heavily in secure web based applications and the Meteor Data Centre to provide integrated monitoring and control solutions. 

Our reputation is built on providing robust equipment made to a high specification. Covering GPRS, GSM, Meteor Radio and Satellite technologies Meteor have an in depth knowledge of the available communication channels and provide a range of equipment based on these. 

Based in the United Kingdom, Meteor design and manufacture all equipment at their own production facilities. This ensures that quality is not compromised and that equipment can be manufactured to exact customer specifications. 

Through our experience, and partnership with the products manufacturer, the WWW.GPRS-CCTV.COM team can provide your project with a fully managed solution from inception through to completion.

We can provide you with the best solution as we have an in depth knowledge of not only the camera itself, but also installing and programming the camera "out in the field" in some very challenging environments.

 further information

Please click below to download our new PDF brochure which contains full information on the GPRS Camera, details and screen captures of our programming software, and a comprehensive pricing guide. (Right click + "Save Target As").


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